Call for papers

Thank you to everyone who sent in paper and panel proposals. The call is now closed.

Performance Studies International #12 Conference
School of English and Drama, Queen Mary, University of London in collaboration with East End Collaborations and the Live Art Development Agency (UK)

15-18 June 2006

Performing Rights

PSi #12: Performing Rights will gather artists, activists and academics for a festival of creative and critical dialogues investigating the relationships between human rights and performance. We are linking human rights and performance because of the significance of human rights in a time of war and globalisation, and because of the bold claims made for performance as a means of understanding the world.

PSi #12: Performing Rights will present an integrated schedule of conference and Performance Events.

What can performance do for human rights and human rights for performance?

Proposals might consider the relationship between performance and human rights in terms of:

  • performance activism in creating and defending human rights
  • the performance of protest, revolution and insurrection
  • non-violent direct action
  • performance as a space of freedom
  • the role of performance in producing social/public and personal/private spaces
  • the performance of identities that create new political rights
  • the relationship between theory and practice in human rights
  • performance, intimacy and subjectivity
  • the relationship between performance anthropology and human rights
  • performances of the human, violence against humans and the human capacity for suffering
  • performance's role in shaping understandings and experiences of what it is to be human
  • the performativity of human rights discourse, its instruments, conventions, and declarations
  • the place of performance in developing human rights in relation to other rights, including, for example, the rights of non-human animals
  • freedom of expression and information.

Paper and presentation proposals

Proposals for papers and presentations should include a 250-word abstract including your name, affiliation, mailing address, and email address. Full-length papers will not be accepted.

Panel proposals

All panel proposals should include a 300-word rationale. If you have constituted the members of your panel (usually three speakers), you should include participants' names and contact information. If you have not constituted the members of your proposed panel but are instead simply proposing a panel topic, you must include a text for the call for papers which we will distribute by email in October 2005.


All paper, presentation and panel proposals are due by 12 September 2005 .

All submissions should be sent as email attachments in MS Word to or, if this is not possible, in triplicate to:

PSi #12
School of English and Drama
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road
E1 4NS


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