Performance Studies international 12: Performing Rights

Performance Studies international in collaboration with Queen Mary, University of London, East End Collaborations and the Live Art Development Agency announce the opening of registration for their major international conference and performance festival Performing Rights which takes place across the East End campus of Queen Mary, University of London June 14–18, 2006.

  • 14 June, 4pm–8pm
    Registration and Opening Event
  • 15 June, 8am–10am
  • 15–18 June, 9am–11pm
    Conference and Performance Events

In London for the first time, PSi #12 Performing Rights will focus on questions of performance and human rights and will feature plenary addresses, numerous panels and a diverse programme of Performance Events.

Bringing together curators, policy makers and directors of some of London's key cultural agencies and institutions, alongside artists, activists and thinkers from all over the world, this event will be a unique crossing between the arts, the academy, activism and public policy.

Human rights are too important to leave to the politicians. How does performance practice and thinking open up new possibilities for the understanding, enactment and sustenance of human rights? Queen Mary, University of London will become an open, public platform where the making and unmaking of human rights can be debated and performed.


Participating artists, activists and writers

  • Irene Khan (Secretary General of Amnesty International)
  • Guillermó Gomez-Peña
  • Tavia Nyong'o
  • Luiz Eduardo Soares (former Brazilian Minister for Public Security)
  • John Jordan
  • Karen Finley
  • Jon McKenzie
  • Lois Weaver
  • William Pope.L
  • Goat Island
  • Coco Fusco
  • Alan Read
  • Nao Bustamante
  • Amelia Jones
  • Zai Kuning
  • Bobby Baker
  • Anjali Sarker and Kodwo Eshun
    of the Otolith Group
  • Monica Ross
  • Curious
  • Clod Ensemble
  • Adrien Sina
  • Baz Kershaw
  • Naeem Mohaiemen
  • Peggy Shaw
  • Chumpon Apisuk
  • Paul Heritage
  • Rebecca Schneider
  • Richard Dedomenici
  • Janelle Reinelt
  • Gavin Butt
  • Deb Margolin
  • Martin Welton
  • Faith Wilding
  • Adrian Heathfield
  • Diana Taylor
  • Franko B
  • Freddie Rokem
  • Carol Becker
  • Jose Esteban Munoz
  • Peta Tait
  • Mike Pearson
  • Jen Harvie
  • Oreet Ashery
  • Nick Ridout
  • Una Chaudhuri
  • Tracy C Davis
  • Eduardo Bonito
  • Stacy Makishi
  • Leibniz
  • Rabih Mroue
  • Graeme Miller
  • Lin Hixson and Matthew Goulish
    of Goat Island
  • Dan Rebellato
  • David Savran
  • Andre Lepecki
  • Shannon Jackson
  • Heidi Gilpin
  • Nadine Holdsworth
  • Richard Gough
  • Ann Pellegrini
  • Adrian Kear
  • Charles Garoian
  • Jane Blocker
  • Stephen Bottoms
  • Jennifer Doyle
  • Marvin Carlson
  • and many more...



The Conference

The conference will present the work of participants from over thirty different countries including: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA, and Zimbabwe.

Over four hundred participants are anticipated for this conference and hundreds more will come to the galleries, installations, performances and workshops that will be run throughout the four days. Register to reserve your place now. Here you will also be able to access on-campus accommodation details and booking.

Full details of the conference schedule can by found by clicking on the links for each day of the programme in the left hand side navigation on this page.



PSi #12: Performing Rights focuses on questions of performance and human rights and is composed of two distinct but related programmes: a Conference and a series of Manifestations

The PSi #12 Conference is a programme of plenary sessions, papers, panels and dialogues organised by academics, artists and activists who are making and researching performance that declares its interest and intent within the field of human rights. Around the world, performance-based research and projects both challenge the ways in which human rights are kept distant from the everyday situations in which abuse and discrimination operate, and are a means by which human rights can be understood as part of evolving cultural and political processes. The PSi #12 Conference will attempt to reflect these processes and further their impact through a provocative mix of practice and discourse. Over 400 participants from over 30 countries are attending the conference.

The conference will take place over four days:



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