Handprints is a register of what is happening in the world and work of performance and human rights.

It will attempt to be an up-to-date record of performances, actions, events and struggles that are happening now, will happen in the future, and might coincide with the PSi#12 conference.

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Handprints so far...

Who: Fabiane Borges
What: Performance and homeless moviment in São Paulo, Brasil
Where: São Paulo, Brazil
When: Ongoing
Website: http://integracaosemposse.zip.net [new window]
Email: integracaosemposse@uol.com.br

Who: Authorized Theatre
What: A new anarchical theatre group that seeks to destroy theatrical elitism by creating performance access for all.
Where: Based in UK, Birmingham
When: Ongoing
Website: www.authorizedtheatre.com [new window]

Who: On the Move Project
What: An 18-month project with thematic events of performances, workshops and seminars exploring performance art and identity, nationalism, gender, sexuality, human rights, globalisation. A gathering of Hong Kong and overseas artists.
Where: Hong Kong
When: April 2005 - September 2006
Website: www.hongkongperformanceart.com [new window]

Who: Refugees & the Arts Initiative
What: Srebrenica Now events debate, concerts, exhibiton
Where: Salon des Arts & Arts Club, Mayfair, London
When: 8-18 July 2005
Website: www.srebrenicanow.org.uk [new window]

Who: Anu Yadav
What: Solo performer of 'Capers, a solo play about forced relocation and the human right to housing
Where: Washington, DC, USA
When: Ongoing
Website: www.caperstheplay.com [new window]

Who: Institute for Global Ethics UK
What: impetus is a leading programme of the Institute for Global Ethics UK Trust. It aims to develop a culture of shared ethical values and human rights across the UK. The impetus award recognises creative and innovative work by young people (5-25)which responds to contemporary, challenging and contested issues in our society.
Where: UK
When: Ongoing
Website: www.impetusawards.org.uk [new window]

Who: Tom Hellberg
What: Live music performance at climate related events
Where: 28 Albany Court
Brunswick Rd
When: Ongoing
Website: www.ecoworriers.org [new window]
Email: tom@ecoworriers.org

Who: Tanya Ury
What: Who's Boss, a project with art including video performance and writing, about Hugo Boss that made Nazi uniforms with forced labour during World War Two.
Where: Cologne, Germany
When: Ongoing
Website: www.tanyaury.com [new window]
Email: youarewhy@netcologne.de

Who: Laura Winton/Crisis Point Theatre
What: Guantanamo Project
'I spent 32 hours in a 4' x 8' cell in downtown Minneapolis as a Guantanamo Prisoner'. The event was co-sponsored by student groups at the University of Minnesota: Crisis Point Theatre and the Arts Quarter Collective, by community groups Impeach for Peace/World Can't Wait and by the local chapter of Amnesty International.
Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
When: 5–7 May 2006
Website: www.fluffysingler.homestead.com [new window]
www.tc.umn.edu/~cpoint/ [new window]
Email: fluffysingler@yahoo.com

Who: Sarah Strang
What: Debate linked to exhibtion featuring performance 'Faith, the Media and Human Rights'
Speakers: Prof AC Grayling and Rev Lucy Winkett
Where: St Giles-in-the Fields, London WC2
When: Friday 2 June 2006
Website: www.sarahstrang.com [new window]

Who: George Butler
What: Mutiny Arts is a "more-than-profit" mixed media arts organisation. We aim to encourage and educate people from varying backgrounds in audio-visual media productions and mixed media projects while addressing international and local issues such as: The Environment, Racism, Urban Environment and Non-violence.
Where: Brixton, London, UK
When: ongoing
Website: www.mutinyarts.co.uk [new window]

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